Members of the Lab

  • Kostas Berberidis,  Professor, Head of the Lab

    Interests:  Digital communications, Adaptive Signal Processing Algorithms,Image Processing and Analysis

    E-mail: berberid [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

    WebsiteClick here

    Tel.: +30-2610-996975
  • Emmanouil Psarakis, Assistant Professor

    Interests: Digital Filter Design,  Image Processing and Analysis,  Stereo Vision,  Biomedical Signal Processing

    E-mail: psarakis [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

    WebsiteClick here

    Tel.: +30-2610-996969

  • Ampeliotis Dimitris,  PhD Researcher

    Interests: Source Localization, Distributed Estimation Algorithms, Turbo Equalization, Medical Image Processing

    E-mail:  ampeliot [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr


  • Mavrokefalidis Christos,  PhD Researcher

    Interests: Channel Estimation, Multicarrier Communications(OFDM / FBMC)

    E-mail:  maurokef [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

  • Pikoulis Vasilis,  PhD Researcher

    Interests: Signal Processing for Seismical Signals, Blind Beamforming, Sensor Arrays

    E-mail:  pikoulis [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

  • Athanasios Rontogiannis, Research Director, Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens

    Interests: Digital Signal and Image Processing, Hyperspectral Image Processing, Bayesian Compressive Sensing, Sparse Signal Representations, Wireless Communications, Channel Estimation and Equalization, MIMO Systems

    E-mail: tronto [AT] space [DOT] noa [DOT] gr

  • Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies, University of Patras

    Interests: Computer and robotic vision, Multimedia processing, Medical imaging

    E-mail:  dkosmo [AT] upatras [DOT] gr


  • Andreas Papazois, PhD, Researcher

    Interests: Mobile Communication Systems

    E-mail:  papazois [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

    WebsiteGoogle Scholar Site

  • Evangelos Vlachos, PhD, Researcher, University of Edinburgh, UK

    Interests: Adaptive Algorithms, Channel Equalization, Vechicular Communications, Compressed Sensing

    E-mail:  vlaxose [??] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr


  • Aris S. Lalos, PhD, Researcher, Visualization and Virtual Reality Group, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Patras

    Interests: Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Filtering, Numerical Linear Algebra in Signal Processing, Compressive sampling and sparse linear regression, Biomedical Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Digital Geometry Processing

    E-mail: aris [DOT] s [DOT] lalos [??] ieee [DOT] org


  • Nikola Bogdanovic, PhD, Researcher, TU Delft

    Interests: Distributed Estimation Algorithms, Cooperative Game Theory, Radar Processing

    E-mail: n [DOT] bogdanovic [AT] tudelft [DOT] nl


  • Tsinos Christos, PhD, Researcher, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, Universite du Luxembourg

    Interests: Cognitive Communications, Satellite Communications

    E-mail:  christos [DOT] tsinos [AT] uni [DOT] lu


  • George Ropokis, PhD, Researcher, Trinity College Dublin

    Interests: Spectrum Sharing, Signal processing for Wireless Communications, Energy Harvesting, MIMO systems, Cooperative Communications, Cognitive Radio, Diversity techniques, Fading channels

    E-mail:  ropokis [AT] space [DOT] noa [DOT] gr


  • George Evangelidis, PhD, Researcher, DAQRI

    Interests:Camera view geometry, Image/video/point-cloud registration and alignment, Depth sensors, Action recognition, Visual Inertial Odometry, Deep learning for object recognition

    E-mail: george [DOT] evagelidis [AT] gmail [DOT] com


  • Panos Karaivazoglou, PhD, Researcher

    Interests:: Digital Communications, Efficient Frequency Domain Algorithms for Signal Processing

    E-mail: karaivap [AT] ceid [DOT] upatras [DOT] gr

  • Ioannis Tzelatis
  • Maria Triga
  • Nefeli Lamprinou
  • Ioannis Morfis

  • Eutuxia Daskalopoulou
  • Markopoulos Konstantinos
  • Christina Saravanou
  • Michalis Sirianidis

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